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We are your favourite store.

Chapai Mango Bazar is a best mango delivery online shop in Bangladesh. We collected  fresh & chemical-free mangoes from Chapai Nawabganj directly in the capital of the United States, and through couriers across the country, we were reaching customer.

And we keep mangoes from Chapai Nawabgonj directly in the capital of the capital. In Bangladesh, Chapai Nawabgonj mango taste is the most sweet.We also provide services to the famous Harivanga mango of  Rangpur.

In Online we are different from everyone. Because when all online shop are sorry to say, we only give full replacement to customers.We also give a lot of discounts to all the old customers. We also offer package offers at different times, so that prices are low and quality and mango are all our customers.

Our All Products

Harivanga Mango from Rangpur

Rajshahi & Chapai Nawabgonj Mangoes

Lychee from Rajshahi & Dinajpur

সস্তা খুজতে গিয়ে নিজের এবং পরিবারের স্বাস্থ্যকে হুমকির মুখে ফেলে দিয়েন না। ফ্রেশ খান, ফ্রেশ থাকুন এবং স্বাস্থ্য সম্মত জীবন গড়ুন।
Md Shihab
Founder at Chapai Mango Bazar

Certified Products

Our all products are cemicel-free & totally organic.
How to recognize the chemical free mango

We deal with various quality organic mangoes!

  • Fresh & Pure Fruits
  • Mangoes from Rajshahi
  • Harivanga Mango
  • Lychee from Dinajpur
  • Natural products
  • Cemicel-free Mangoes
  • Organic Mango
  • Organic Lychee
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